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RoboCup launched!

The launch of RoboCup took place today, June 30th, at the Convention Center “Poeta Ronaldo Cunha Lima” in João Pessoa, featuring the State Governor of Paraíba, Ricardo Coutinho, alongside the event’s general chairs, Prof. Dr. Alexandre Simões and Prof. Dr. Esther Luna. Anticipating participants from over 45 countries and an estimated 60,000 visitors, Governor Coutinho highlighted the event’s potential to boost tourism and education in the region.

Dr. Alexandre Simões emphasized two key factors that led to Paraíba hosting the event: robust support from the State Government and the requisite infrastructure to meet the technical demands of RoboCup. Dr. Esther Luna Colombini underscored Paraíba’s significant participation in the Brazilian Robotics Olympiad, attributing it to both the legacy of RoboCup in João Pessoa and governmental initiatives supporting education.

Supported by the Paraíba State Government, Brazilian Sport Ministry, Brazilian Computing Society, and numerous universities globally, RoboCup enjoys widespread backing. The competition, akin to FIFA in the realm of robotic soccer, is organized worldwide by the RoboCup Federation. The launch ceremony featured various state officials, including executive secretary Francilene Procopio, Science and Technology Secretary João Azevêdo Lins Filho, FAPESQ president Claudio Furtado, and UFPB rector Margareth de Fátima Formiga Melo Diniz.

Professor Alexandre also shared logistical details, revealing plans to set up around 1,200 tables and install over 14 kilometers of cables at the Convention Center. Additionally, the committee aims to deploy over 3 tonnes of fabric and construct two 100m² houses for robot-assisted home activities, alongside more than 50 robot soccer fields and arenas.

The launch event featured a captivating humanoid robot dance performance organized by Arthur Mainardi Jr. from Grupo Somai, culminating in an official kick-off by a humanoid robot from FEI University.

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