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RoboCup Autonomous Robot Manipulation Challenge

The RoboCup Autonomous Robot Manipulation Challenge, available at https://arm.robocup.org/, offers an exciting opportunity for teams to showcase their prowess in autonomous robot manipulation and grasping. This challenge unfolds in two key phases:

  1. Online Phase: Participants submit their solutions, which undergo rigorous testing in a simulated scenario.
  2. RoboCup 2023 Phase: The top-performing teams convene in Bordeaux to execute the task in a real-world scenario.

This challenge garners support from industry leaders such as MathWorks, Franka Emika, and P&G. The most exemplary teams stand to receive a grant of $5,000 to further propel their development and research endeavors.

Pre-registration is currently open, inviting enthusiasts to embark on this thrilling journey of innovation and competition.

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