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Outlook for the Future – Intelligent Robots Kicked-Off in Bangkok Today

Gathered in Bangkok’s bustling hub, the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC), is a congregation of ingenious robots and brilliant minds. From now until July 16th, the 25th international RoboCup unfolds, showcasing not only the pinnacle of scientific achievement but also how these advancements can address future challenges. With 1,400 participants from 39 nations competing across 17 disciplines, this event underscores the global pursuit of robotics excellence. Alongside the competitions, an exhibition and presentations by RoboCup alumni-turned-entrepreneurs highlight the practical applications of cutting-edge robotics. The event culminates with the international RoboCup Scientific Symposium on July 17th.

Prof. Jackrit Suthakorn, of Mahidol University and General Chair of RoboCup 2022, remarks on the significance of Thailand hosting this prestigious event for the first time. He underscores how innovations from RoboCup can address diverse societal challenges, a vision long in the making.

The RoboCup Major Leagues feature teams of young scientists, PhD students, and professors battling it out across various domains. While soccer remains a focal point, other disciplines like RoboCup@Home, RoboCup Rescue, and RoboCup Industrial showcase robots’ versatility in real-world scenarios. Additionally, RoboCup Junior challenges young students to push the boundaries of robotics in playful competitions.

Looking forward, Prof. Peter Stone, President of the RoboCup Federation, articulates the ambitious goals of the RoboCup community. Their vision extends to 2050, envisioning autonomously acting humanoid robots competing at the level of FIFA world champions, while also addressing critical societal challenges.

The impact of RoboCup extends beyond mere competition. In response to disasters like the Kobe earthquake, the Rescue Robot League was born, fostering research in disaster response robotics. Notable successes include Quince, deployed in Fukushima’s nuclear disaster. Moreover, leagues like RoboCup@Home and RoboCup Logistics pioneer advancements in intelligent robotics for everyday tasks and industrial applications.

In a nod to innovation, RoboCup Alumni-turned-entrepreneurs will share their journeys at a startup pitching event, highlighting how RoboCup fosters the growth of cutting-edge technologies and expertise.

The RoboCup experience concludes with the 25th Scientific Symposium, where experts from around the globe convene to discuss the latest advancements. Keynotes from esteemed academics promise to enrich discussions on the frontier of robotics.

In this collaborative pursuit of excellence, Mahidol University stands as a beacon of innovation, particularly through its Center for Biomedical and Robotics Technology (BART Lab), aiming to synergize human expertise with machine capabilities.

RoboCup stands as a beacon of innovation, fostering interdisciplinary challenges in robotics, AI, informatics, and engineering. Beyond soccer, it envisions a future where robots play pivotal roles in diverse real-world scenarios, addressing pressing societal and scientific challenges.

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